Check your browser settings

Make sure your browser is up to date - Coggle supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera on desktop. Coggle works in Safari on iOS, and Chrome on most flavours of Android.

Extensions and Plug-Ins
Some browser extensions and plug-ins are known to interfere with the way Coggle works. To test if this is causing your problem try running Coggle in a private window (if your browser supports this feature), or by temporarily disabling your browser extensions.

Try a Different Browser
If your browser is supported but Coggle still isn't working, we recommend temporarily trying a different browser. As hard as we try to prevent them, browser specific problems can sometimes slip through our testing. If you think you've found a bug then drop us an email and we can make Coggle a little better for everyone!

Disable or Remove Conflicting Software

Coggle uses a technology called WebSockets to make sure the changes you make to your Coggles reach us as fast as possible. Some anti-virus software is known to interact badly with WebSockets. You can try temporarily disabling this software, or exclude Coggle from its checks.

If your software allows you to exclude domains from its checks, add the following domains: *,, and

Testing Your Connection

This is a useful tool for checking whether your browser is able to setup WebSocket connections: Your browser must pass at least the WebSockets (Port 443, SSL) test to work with Coggle.

More Reasons Connections Might Fail

Failing WebSockets
Software or firewall settings may be interfering with your connection to Coggle.

Low bandwidth
If your bandwidth results are in kbps (rather than Mbps), the problem may be due to a slow internet connection.

CDN Errors
There may be a problem connecting to Amazon CloudFront. Coggle uses a CDN to let files that don't change very often reach your computer in the fastest time. The domain we use for our CDN is

Proxy or firewall settings
Proxies and firewalls can sometimes interfere with Coggle connections. Whitelisting * often resolves the problem.

Still having issues?

If none of the above steps have managed to fix your problem, then please get in touch and we'll do our best to help!