Your Data, Sharing, and Privacy

We want to make sure you have complete control over your data. You can share your Coggle Diagrams with the world, but we do not want you to be surprised by anything, or accidentally share something that you intend to keep private.

We will never share private Coggle Diagrams you've created, or make them public, unless you tell us to (even if you cancel your subscription).

We will always be clear about who can see the Coggle Diagrams that you create. For free accounts the first three diagrams are private, and subsequent ones may be public. Any diagrams that may be seen publicly else will be clearly marked as such. The default for all of our paid accounts is to create private Coggle Diagrams that only you can view.

When you create a new diagram in an Organisation, your Organisation administrators can see it (even if you do not invite them), and when you create a new Coggle in a shared folder, anyone else with access to that folder can see it too.

Your personal information is completely private (only you can see your profile), though your name email address and avatar image will be visible to anyone that you share a Coggle Diagram with. We promise that we will never give or sell your private information to anyone else.

We use your email address so that other people can invite you to Coggle diagrams, to send essential communication about any paid subscription that you may have, information to help you get started with Coggle, and occasional emails about new features we think you might be interested in.

We use cookies to keep your data secure, to make sure that only you can access it, and to store your preferences. We also use cookies to measure and improve your experience of our site.

Access to your data is tightly controlled internally. We run anonymous usage profiling, but no one can inspect your data unless you allow it.

If you have questions, requests or concerns please contact For requests relating to your account or data you must email us from the address that you use to log in so we can verify that we are dealing with the right account.