Coggle Awesome

Supercharge your thinking with Coggle Awesome. Add huge images, present your Coggles, and create private Coggles that won't be indexed by search engines.

Unlimited Private Diagrams

Awesome Plan

Create as many private diagrams as you like. If you do ever cancel your subscription they stay private, and you keep access.

Create Loops and Join Branches

Awesome Plan

Join branches and create loops to create more powerful and flexible diagrams representing process flows and other advanced things.

Distraction-Free Presentation

Awesome Plan

Use Presentation Mode to present any Coggle in beautiful distraction-free full-screen mode. Collapse and expand branches as you tell your story.

Show Them the Big Picture

Awesome Plan

Add huge images to your Coggles to illustrate your ideas: just drag and drop an image from your desktop onto a document.

More Colours

Awesome Plan

Unlock a new range of vivid colours to help organise and highlight your ideas.

Automatic Branch Layout

Awesome Plan

Clean up the positioning of your branches in just one click using the automatic branch arrangement features of Coggle Awesome.

Shared Folders

Awesome Plan

Put your diagrams into folders to keep them organised and easily share them all with a group of collaborators.

If you're using Coggle for work, check out Coggle Organisations, which come with all of the Coggle Awesome benefits, and business-friendly admin features too.